love what you do


love what you do

Agylstor’s computational storage systems let users transfer petabytes of data between different geographical locations in the same day. 

Our modular object store is constructed using self-contained ultra-high capacity modules that contain no moving parts or connectors.  These self-powered modules can be aggregated to form arbitrarily large (Zettabyte+), continuously accessible content stores with a Total Cost of Ownership that is approximately 1/2 the cost of disk.

Extremely high transfer rates can load/unload a petabyte of data in about one hour.

We invite you to come join a team of smart, passionate people building something the world has never seen!

To apply, simply send your resume and a short note to:   We’d love to meet!


We cover 100% of company sponsored medical, dental and vision insurance premiums for you and 75% of your family's premiums - and we offer our medical provider's top "platinum" plan

We match 100% of your 401K contributions

We provide generous stock option grants

To apply, or to be considered for future positions, simply send your resume and a short note to:   We’re always on the lookout for great people and we’d love to meet you!

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